Vitamins For Hair Growth


Vitamins for hair growth.
Healthy vegetables

Why are vitamins essential for hair growth many peoples ask me because they are finding the method of growing hair faster than the normal speed their hair have & I researched and then come to some observation, conclusion and obviously some results, so guys today I will share these tips & tricks about vitamins and how vitamins are essential for hair growth.

First of all, I would like to confirm that yes vitamins are very essential for hair growth and also a very essential part of our hair.

Now the question comes that How are vitamins essential for hair growth, How do they affect the growth of hair.

1. VITAMIN-A .:-

Vitamins for hair growth.
Egg yolk

Vitamin A contains many types of nutrition an example is Antioxidants which is very essential for the nourishment & moisturization of the scalp and helps the scalp from drying out.

Also, it gives our hair a pure black color and makes them shiny.

And also the thickness of the hair & strength of the hair is mainly depends on this vitamin (VITAMIN A).

Foods that are rich in Vitamin A.:-

  1. Sweet Potatoes And Carrots.
  2. Liver.
  3. Egg yolk.
  4. Milk.
  5. Spinach.
  6. Dried Apricots.
  7. Mangoes.

2. Vitamin-B7 or BIOTIN .:-

Biotin is a family member or I can say that it is one of the 12 Vitamins of Vitamin B family.

It is mostly known as the Hair Growth vitamin. Its main work is to repairs the brittle hair and improves the texture of the hair, 

Oh! I forgot it is also very helpful for maintaining the thickness as well as the volume of the hair.

It helps in the production of Fatty acids in every cell, Amino acids in every cell and also helps in the growth of every cell which is very useful in hair growth.

Also, it plays a very important role in a process called Glucogenesis ( a process that leads to the production of glucose) too.

So, From this information, we get that it has a very essential role in hair growth if we highlight some lines then this list will be.:-

1.Very rapid increase in the speed of hair growth Or a rapid increase in the growth rate of your hair.

2. Helps in gaining high volume as well as more thicker hairs.

3.Helpful for the peoples who are in a problem with their curly hair because it is also very helpful for the straightening of the hairs.

Vitamins for hair growth.

Foods rich in biotin.:-

Vitamins for hair growth.
Nuts And Almonds
  1. Eggs.
  2. Yeast.
  3. Cauliflower.
  4. Raspberries.
  5. Bananas.
  6. Walnuts.
  7. Almonds.

3. VITAMIN-B12 .:-

This vitamin is also a family member of Vitamin B.

And according to the studies, it is very useful in the prevention of hair loss.

According to the studies, most of the cases of hair loss were due to iron deficiency

and Vitamin B12 helps in the absorption of iron to prevent hair loss.

Food rich in Vitamin B12 .:-

  1. Eggs.
  2. Cheese.
  3. Whey powder.
  4. Milk.
  5. Yogurt.
Vitamins for hair growth.
Food rich in vitamin B-12

4. VITAMIN-C .:-

Vitamin C is useful to those people who were facing premature graying ( a problem in which hair start graying at an earlier age).

And also it has an ability to cure hair dryness as well as premature graying.

And it is very essential for the daily intake of Vitamin C in a proper manner for the good health of your hair.
Vitamins for hair growth.
Lemons & oranges

Food items rich in Vitamin C .:-

  1. Lemons.
  2. Guavas.
  3. Mandarins.
  4. Strawberries.

5. VITAMIN-E .:-

For the good health & good care of your scalp, you will definitely need Vitamin E

Because It promotes a Healthy Scalp and also promotes blood circulations.

It can also cure the dryness and the roughness hair troubles. Because it has the ability to lock the moisture due to which it is very rich in the nourishment of the hair and scalp and much shiny hair also are the results of high Vitamin E.

Food that Contains Vitamin E .:-

  1. Almonds.
  2. Fish.
  3. Milk.
  4. Peanuts.
  5. Cooked spinach.
  6. Sunflower Seeds.
  7. Dried herbs.
Vitamins for hair growth.
Healthy Nuts & Almonds


This is another member of the Vitamin B group.

Lets us talk about its usefulness
  1. It makes our hair thicker.
  1. It makes our hair shinner.
  1. Also, add moisture to our scalp and hair.
  1. Also fights against the graying of the hair.

There are many sources of this vitamin so you don't need to focus on any supplement or foods but if

you want to know about the supplement rich in FOLIC ACIS then its name is Vitamin B complex.

other than it wheat grains and many types of cereals are rich in Folic acid.

Vitamins for hair growth.

So, guys, these are the six vitamins that are essential for the hair growth but don't go back from here because I have something for you so I am going to tell you about Two more things that are very essential for the hair growth if you want to read then continue, please.

7. IRON .:- 

In many kinds of studies, it is found that iron deficiency leads to Alopecia which results in Hair loss and Breakage.

So it is very important to intake the proper amount of Iron in a very proper manner is very important.

Because Iron helps to regulate good blood health and also it will help us in the re-growth of the hair.

Vitamins for hair growth.
Iron rich food

Foods rich in Iron .:-

  1. Red meat.
  2. Green leafy vegetables. 
  3. Turkey.
  4. Beans dried fruits.

Vitamins for hair growth.
Red meat

8. Proteins .:-

Proteins are essential for the strengthening of the hairs at the roots and also helps us to maintain a proper structure and giving us shiny hairs.

Also, proteins are very rich in IRON.

Often proteins are helpful in the long life of the hairs and often prevents the breakage and hair falls.

Foods rich in Proteins .:-

  1. Sprouts.
  2. Milk.
  3. Panner and many more.
Vitamins for hair growth.

I hope that from this article you have gained enough knowledge that why are vitamins essential for hair growth and how they affect hair growth and hair loss.

And I highly recommend all my friends to intake the proper amount of vitamin in a proper manner or I can say according to your needs.

So in the end, I would like to thanks to all of you to coming to my website and giving your valuable/precious time to my article.

Thank you.

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