How To Grow Hair Faster-Full Guide- Guaranteed

Grow Your Hair Fast - Guaranteed

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The Growth of our hair depends on many factors like nutrition, hair care etc, 

which are the daily needs of our hair if you really want to grow your hair fast in any interval of time then you have to read this article till the end and apply the following steps in your daily life.

If you are searching for HOW TO GROW HAIR FASTER and reading this post so I assure you 

that here you will find the best 7 ways to Grow Your Hair Fast.

Today I will reveal all the 7 tips which are all about how to grow hair faster and longer and in 

today we will cover the topics like Nutrition for healthy hair, Vitamins for hair, Haircare, foods 

to grow hair fast etc,

It's my guarantee that you will have the hair you want in some months if you use and apply these 7 tips in your daily life.

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So let's get started,

Everyone wants to have long hair but they failed because they don't have the proper knowledge about the things they are using and due to lack of knowledge they damage their hair.

So if you want to use anything n your hair then you have to gain proper knowledge about that thing, this is my first tip for you.

And these are the best 7 hair growth tips read all carefully and observe:-

1.Proper Nutrition:- 

As we all know that nutrition for hair is very important for hair growth and also very useful in stopping hair loss. 

So, here is the list of some nutrients for hair growth:-
  1. Vitamin A.
  2. Vitamin B-7/Biotin.
  3. Vitamin B-12.
  4. Vitamin C.
  5. Vitamin E.
  6. Iron.
  7. Protein.
  8. Folic acid.
  9. Omega 3.
These are some nutrients for hair growth, actually, there are many types of nutrition that are actually used to grow hair faster but these are the best nutrients I have observed.

Read more about these nutrients How they affect Growth of Hair.

Now another part of proper nutrient is remaining that is food for hair growth also we can say food for healthy hair.

Why food is important for hair growth?

Many peoples use Hair Products like Hair growth vitamins, protein for hair growth externally for better result's but will not believe what I have found:-

Many types of research found that only these Hair products only work about 10% for faster hair growth. The 90% work is done by the diet and Food that is important for hair growth.

So, the questions are what are the foods that are required to grow hair faster. Then don't worry here is also a list of food that is very essential to grow hair fast.

  1. Sweet potatoes and carrots.
  2. Egg yolk.
  3. Milk.
  4. Spinach.
  5. Dry Fruits.
  6. Bananas.
  7. Raspberries.
  8. Milk product also.
  9. Lemons.
  10. Guava.
  11. Strawberries.
  12. Dried Herbs.
  13. Meat.
  14. Sprouts.
  15. Green Vegetables.
  16. Fish.
  17. Broccoli.
These are some best foods for hair growth. These are also the best food for hair regrowth.

 So, here out first part which is proper nutrition finishes. Now come to the next step.

2.Proper care of the scalp:-

We all know that our environment is full of Dust, Pollution, UV rays of Sun all these are very harmful to our hair.
  1. Dry Scalp.
  2. Dandruff.
  3. Itchy Scalp.
  4. Dry Flaky Scalp.
  5. Dry damaged hair.
This type of problems arises when our hair make contact to the environment for a long time without any hair care.

But why this topic is here in this article, because if your hair has any of these problems then they will

 start to fall and then it will not matter that how fast are your hair are growing. 

So now what to do, first of all, you have to avoid longer touch to the environment and the very second step is hair care.

You need proper hair care. Here I have some useful hair care information, tips for you.
  1. You can use Hair mask according to your hair condition and according to the health of your hair.
Here are some links for you check them out:-

3.Proper cleaning of hair:-

To grow hair faster a very important thing is needed that is Clean Hair, clean hair is the secret of growing hair faster.

Need some tips, okay then read the list below:-
  • Hair wash is important:- By this the dust, dandruff that is struck in your scalp and hair will destroy. And your hair will grow faster than ever.

  • Make proper use of Shampoo & Hair Conditioner:- You can also use Shampoo & Hair Conditioner if your hair is in a very healthy condition so you can obviously use these Hair Products.

  • but be sure that you are using these Hair Products only two times a week. because these Hair Products contains chemicals which can be very harmful to your hair.

  • use baby shampoo because they contain very low chemicals which are very good for healthy hair.
These are some hair growth tips & tips for Clean Hair, and from these all methods you can also grow natural hair fast.

4. Massage:-

You have to massage your scalp daily you can use scalp massager and scalp massage oil and also you can take help of scalp massager brush.

And by this process of scalp massage automatically you will get the head massage and hair massage.

By taking daily scalp massage your blood circulation will also increase and hair fall problem will reduce also the main thing hair will grow faster.

And the strength of roots of the hair will also increase.

A very unique tips for the readers:- before using any type of hair oil for massage warm the oil in low temperature.

5. Trimming your hair in regular intervals of time:-

Yes, you have to trim your hair in regular interval of time because in our daily life our hairs go

 through pollution, dust, and from many things due to which splits ends produces and the chances of 

damaging our increases.

so, for Hair growth, it is very important to have healthy hair and split ends will damage our hair 

and cause Hair loss so avoiding split hair and Hair damage you have to trim your hair in a regular 

 interval of time you are free to choose any intervals. 

6. Don't use the comb on Wet hairs:-

The reason behind it is the roots of our hair are very weak at that time and if we use comb type material we will lose our hair as well as the design of the hair will also be affected.

So what to do should I don't comb my hair?

you can use an iron band or called hairband on wet hairs.

7. Natural dry your hair:-

Don't use Heat appliances like Hairdryer on your hair on a daily basis.

because excessive heat can damage our hair will suggest you don't use it in your whole life.

Let dry your hair naturally. 

Or if you really want to use Hairdryer, I will suggest you buy hairdryer with zero heat technology.

And I will also suggest you don't use warm water on your hair for washing them use only normal water for washing them.

Because heat damages our hair.

so, guys, these are all the tips and knowledge I have about how to grow hair faster if you sincerely follow these steps and make good use of this knowledge you will be successful in growing your hair faster.

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