Olive Oil Hair Masks & The benefits of Olive Oil.

If you want to know about The benefits of olive oil for our hairs and about the best hair masks

of olive oil, then you are at the right place here I have mentioned the best hair masks of 

olive oil but before that, I have mentioned the benefits of

olive oil.

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Some Benefits Of Olive Oil For Your Hairs

  • Olive Oil Can be used For the Regrowth Of the hairs.
  • Olive Oil Can be used For Hairs Thickening.
  • Olive Oil Can be used Treatment of Frizzy Hairs.
  • Olive Oil Can make Your Hairs Shinier.
  • Olive Oil can also be used to Grow Hairs Faster.
  • Olive Oil Can be used in the treatment of hair Breakage.
  • Olive Oil Is very useful for the removal of dandruff.
  • Olive Oil Can Reduce Hair Loss. 

Above I have listed some benefits of Olive Oil for our hairs now below I am going to mentioning

some olive oil hair mask that is very useful for our growth, thickening of our hairs and also

the above benefits can are included in the benefits list of olive oil hair mask.

1.Olive Oil & Aloe Vera Hair Mask:-

Take Fresh aloe vera or you can use readymade (from markets) and some olive oil.

You can use Both these above ingredients according to your hairs length.

I will recommend Use 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil and 4 Tablespoons of Aloe vera mix them

very well and you can use in a very simple way, you can apply this hair mask by your fingers 

or by any hair brush make sure that the hair mask you are applying spreads from the top to

the tip of the hairs and let it dry for 10-20 minutes then rinse your hairs by an anti-dandruff

shampoo also you can use conditioner after that. 

I suggest aloe vera and olive oil hair mask because aloe vera is a very natural ingredients

which contains many types of proteins vitamins and etc more types of nutrition which helps

out hair to reduce hair fall by strengthening the hair follicles and also the olive oil makes 

Our hair shiny and also olive oil is a natural ingredient.

2.Olive Oil & Honey Hair Mask:-

Take some honey (2 tablespoons) & some  olive oil (3 tablespoons) mix them very well

Use them as above I have mentioned in the previous olive oil hair mask(Aloe vera & Olive oil

hair mask)

Honey is extraordinary compared to other humectants, which implies that it helps trap dampness. It

additionally has numerous calming and cell reinforcement properties. These properties help 

reestablish dry hair and fix and diminish split finishes. Think about utilizing crude Honey, as it has a

bigger number of advantages than handled Honey.

Eggs are loaded down with proteins and enhancements that help the soundness of your hair. The 

yolks are well off in oily oils that continue and fix hair that is dry and hurt. Egg whites contain 

impetuses that take the excess oils from your hair. Egg hair packs add a minute shimmer to your hair 

and make it milder from the central use itself.

Due to which in the next olive oil hair mask I am using egg. Let's see how you will 

able to make the Egg & Olive oil hair mask that will very beneficial for your hairs


3.Olive Oil & Egg Hair Mask:-


1.egg (for typical or mix hair) 

2.tablespoons olive oil 

3.Wide-toothed brush 


  • Contingent upon your hair type, pick the correct parts of the eggs to use in the formula from the rundown above. 

  • On the off chance that you have dry or sleek hair, separate the yolks from the whites by breaking an egg down the center and passing it forward and backward between the two shells while holding it over the bowl. The whites will fall into the bowl while the yolks will stay in the shell 

  • Whisk the eggs and the olive oil in a bowl until the point that they're very much consolidated and the blend is velvety. 

  • You can include pretty much measures of olive oil contingent upon the length of your hair. 

Step by step instructions to Apply 

  • Cleanser your hair and skirt the conditioner. 

  • While your hair is still somewhat moist, an area it with a wide-toothed brush and begin applying the blend. 

  • Coat the majority of your hair with the blend, focusing on the tips. 

  • You can store any extra blend in the refrigerator for seven days by emptying it into a hermetically sealed compartment. 

  • Put your hair up in a bun and hang tight with the cover on for 20 minutes. 

  • Flush the cover out of your hair with cleanser and cool water. Utilizing cool water shields the egg from getting cooked. 

  • Give your hair a chance to air dry, or utilize a blow dryer on the cool setting. 

How Often 

  • You can utilize this veil two times per week.
One more is ready for you read also this 4 olive oil hair mask

4.Avocado, Banana, and Olive Oil Mask:-

Utilize that extra avocado for more than guacamole. It's stacked with nutrients, solid fats, and normal 

oils that will bolt dampness into your hair. Bananas are likewise high in common oils, potassium, 

and different properties that assistance mend dry hair and return sparkle and flexibility back to your 

strands. Olive oil without anyone else is an incredible lotion, however, blending it with avocado and 

banana just lifts its reviving forces. 

At the point when the avocado and banana are ready, squash both in a bowl and blend in a 

tablespoon of olive oil. Apply the blend to your hair in areas, working from the roots to closes. 

Cover hair with a shower top and let sit for thirty minutes. Flush with warm water.

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