About Us

About Me

Hi friends this is Dev and this blog is created by me. And my friends I would like to tell you everything about this blog and about me on this page so stay with me.

My name is Devendar singh rawat and I live in Delhi (India) and I am 24 years old and I just started this blog in this month (October 2018).

My first website HAIR STYLERS CLUB is created by me there was no such idea or imagination about this blog it was just a simple solution you were thinking that I just gonna mad but yes my friends this blog is my solution because I used to cut my hair nearly every week because I love hairstyling and sometimes the styling goes wrong. 

What you will find in my blog?.:-

Normally I would like to tell you that what will you find in our blog so, you will find some information, concept, knowledge, tips & ticks also some secrets about hair, hairstyles,  hair care, the solution of hair problems, hair treatment etc, all information about these concepts you will find here and casually this blog is for the peoples who love there hairs and hairstyles and like to take some risks and do some experiments to their hairs. 

About my Educational Qualification:-

I have cleared my 10th and 12th from CBSE and Science (PCM) was the stream that I choose in my 11th class and that was the stream that I love in class 12th  the most.
Also, I have cleared my B.S.C  last year. And there is nothing more.

About My Hobbies:-

I like a thing most in my life and it is blogging that I have started with the creation of this blog.
also, I like to travel to my hometown that is UTTRAKHAND.

And I like also playing outdoor games like cricket and volleyball, I used to play volleyball every Sunday and every holiday. That all I need to tell you about my hobbies because once upon a time a very wise man says something and he says that -don't tell anyone you all secrets. 


One day when I was going to the salon I was thinking about some hairstyle then a sudden thought came into my mind and that was I like me every man is facing a problem to choose hairstyle so why not i should share my experience and thought about hair styling so I just carry this idea forward and learn about blogging and start blogging.